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Wine Wednesday: This refreshing sangria gets its sweetness from lychees.

Recipe: Riesling Sangria with Lychees

Jungsis looking at the profiles of their possible house guests (1/2)

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Dear K-POP fangirls,

Why are most of you so possessive and have misogyny (The Hatred of Women)? Why do you get so jealous over female idols or any females in general hovering over your idol and start to curse or call them names? Why do you criticize everything female idols do and when male idols…


How To Upcycle Old Clothes Into DIY Braided Rugs

This beautiful braided rug is something I have put on my to do list. Just need to find time to sort out all those old clothes and get started.

True Love

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When Tiffany and Hyoyeon voted for the most impatient/hasty

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